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What is Simplify Modify Amplify?

This is a strategy or a philosophy if you will, that have lived and worked by for more than 10 years!

Stop comlicating your life!

  • Simplify 

  • Modify

  • Amplify

  • Find the essence

  • Adapt to fit your purpose 

  • Amplify to get all benefits

  • Use in all areas of your life....


    Maria K. Larsen

    As an author, lifetransformer, and entrepreneur I have helped regular people and entrepreneuers leaving their struggles behind for more than a decade.

    With a holistic aproach to the many areas of life as well as business, I developed my methods, skills and tools to created a fulfilling life, reaching every goal I put my mind to and found that I wasn't the only one in need of them...

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